Hello and welcome to the 2nd edition of our CADDY.blog

South Africa is in its mid-winter season and the Western Cape, also the home of kettleCADDY, is a winter rain region where our winters are cold and wet. June/July are our coldest months of the year at an average of 55°F (13°C) and generally the highest rainfall in a calendar month, is July with an average of 100mm.

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Welcome to our brand new CADDY.blog

kettleCADDY is primarily a pizza oven, yet so versatile that you can cook just about anything in it from steak, fish, bread or chicken. An ideal way for your family to spend fun-time together and enjoy the pleasures of outdoor cooking – especially PIZZAS. Like most families, ours love to cook and our son, David, a student at CPUT Wellington, situated in the Western Cape countryside, is no exception. His friends in the hostel where he lives, call him “master chef” – figure that.

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