How To Assemble The kettleCADDY Pizza Oven

We take a look at what's inside the box & how to assemble the kettleCADDY pizza oven.

Here at kettleCADDY, we understand the value of an unboxing experience. Watch our Unboxing to see what you can expect when purchasing the kettleCADDY Pizza Oven. Also, watch how to assemble the kettleCADDY pizza oven.

Pizza Oven Ring 57cm / 22.8in (Stainless Steel with profiles to fit the 57cm / 22.8in charcoal kettle grill drum & lid)

Pizza Oven Carry-handles (Stainless Steel with polyurethane handle grips)

Pizza Stone Support Bar (Stainless Steel)

Support Bar Bottom (Stainless Steel)

Pizza Stone Rotator Wheel (Stainless Steel)

Barrier Basket (Stainless Steel)

Pizza Stone (34cm x 25mm) / (13.6in x ¾in) (can be heated to 400°+ Celsius and bakes pizzas within 2-3 minutes)

Pizza Stone Stopper Plate (Stainless Steel)

Pizza Paddle/Peel (Stainless Steel with polyurethane handle)

Pizza Lifter Spatula (Stainless Steel with polyurethane handle)

How To Prepare The kettleCADDY Pizza Oven


Step 1: Find a suitable safe & solid area for the Charcoal Kettle Grill unit. Remove the lid off the bottom drum and place it in a safe area close to the kettle.

Step 2: Place the Barrier Basket on the bottom grill as shown in the (illustration below) and take the standard firelighter and place 4–5 small pieces on the outside parameter of the Barrier Basket and then light the firelighter.

Step 3: As soon as the firelighter burns thoroughly, gently pour the charcoal (illustrated below) on top of the burning firelighter. Leave the charcoal until all the coals burn properly.

Step 4: Place a few (4-5) pieces of wood on top of the hot charcoal. Be sure to use wood that is dry and as thin as it needs to flame-up easily and burn constantly. We recommend black wattle, blue gum or even pine.

Step 5: First place the Pizza Stone on the Pizza Stone Rotator Wheel and then fit the Pizza Oven Ring onto the Kettle Drum and make sure that the Pizza Slot Opening is positioned away from the flames.

Step 6: Once the wood fires up and burns properly, place the Kettle braai lid on top of the pizza oven ring. This is to heat the Pizza Stone to the required temperature – pre-heat the Pizza Stone inside your CADDY for at least 20-30 minutes.

REMEMBER: The temperature of the Pizza Stone is key to the success of baking your pizzas and be sure not to use wood that is too thick! The quicker the wood can fire up, the better your baking process.

How to bake pizza in the kettleCADDY Pizza Oven?

Use pre-baked pizza bases – it is more convenient. Pre-heat your KITCHEN OVEN at 180◦C for 15 minutes. Place the raw rolled-out pizza base on a pan and bake for max 60 seconds. Repeat the process until you have enough pizza bases for your baking.

Thin base pizzas

Prepare your pizza toppings before you light the fire.

Prepare your first pizza with the tomato paste and toppings to be ready for the first baking.

Use your PIZZA PADDLE to slide the pizza through the PIZZA OVEN OPENING onto the PIZZA STONE. (Picture)

kettleCADDY Pizza Lifter Spatula with Pizza
kettleCADDY Pizza Paddle / Peel

Bake the Pizza for 2 to 3 minutes – if it takes longer than 3 minutes, the PIZZA STONE is not hot enough OR you do not have adequate heat (flames) in the chamber. Flames should be visible throughout the baking cycle.

Use your LIFTER SPATULA to manually turn your PIZZA STONE to ensure an even baking of your pizza.

Remove the KETTLE LID at any stage during the baking cycle when your chamber needs a bit of air to get the flames going again. Normally it will take a few seconds and as soon as the flames fire up properly, close the lid and continue with your baking cycle.

If you follow the instructions carefully, the result will amaze you – everytime!

ENJOY the feast.

How to maintain your kettleCADDY Pizza Oven

Maintaining the kettleCADDY pizza oven will give you better results every time.

It is relatively easy to maintain and doing so will maximise the performance and enhance longevity.

Here at kettleCADDY, we are continuously striving to upgrade and improve our product range to ensure that we stay relevant to our customer demands. Since 2011 we have gone through various progressive development phases of the kettleCADDY Pizza Oven and to effectively provide the sustainability and longevity of our products, we decided to change all the grip handles of our products from wood to ABS plastic. This was truly a step in the right direction and was well received by our customers.

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