July 2019

South Africa is in its mid-winter season and the Western Cape, also the home of kettleCADDY, is a winter rain region where our winters are cold and wet. June/July are our coldest months of the year at an average of 55°F (13°C) and generally the highest rainfall in a calendar month, is July with an average of 100mm.

Klipheuwel, where our factory is situated, is approximately 35km from our Mother City, Cape Town and the notorious Table Mountain is visible from most angles in Klipheuwel.

Our office and factory are situated in the “platteland” (countryside) and we are surrounded by the farming community with the most beautiful nature backdrop.



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We value the feedback and suggestions of our customers and whenever possible, we make the necessary changes and improvements to our products. However, certain product alterations have a cost implication and if the outcome is too grave, we do not make the improvement unless it is mutually beneficial.

The latest enhancement to the kettleCADDY Pizza Oven is the pick-up handles added on the side of the Oven.Not only is it this a huge safety improvement, but it also has an aesthetical impact on the product. A big PLUS!

Our new improved handles


The manufacturing process of our kettleCADDY products remains at full speed and we are shaking our feathersfor the approaching summer season. We are also expanding our marketing footprint by listing on the Makro Marketplace Portal as well as Loot Online.



This is our brand-new website and although it is not fully developed yet, you will hopefully enjoy its ease-of-use. We strive to interact with our loyal supporters by continuously posting fresh PIZZA & lifestyle ideas and pictures.


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