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How to bake a pizza in you kettleCADDY?

1. Get your pizza base ready! View our easy pizza base recipe or use pre-baked pizza bases for more convenience. For the best results, we recommend baking the raw pizza bases in your kitchen oven at 180◦C for 60 seconds max. Repeat the process until you have enough pizza bases for your baking.

2. Prepare your pizza toppings

3. Light the fire.

4. Prepare your first pizza with the tomato paste and toppings.

5. Slide pizza into the kettleCADDY oven opening and onto the kettleCADDY Pizza Stone using the kettleCADDY Pizza Paddle.

6. Bake the Pizza for 2 to 3 minutes – if it takes longer than 3 minutes, the Pizza Stone is not hot enough OR you do not have adequate heat (flames) in the chamber. Flames should be visible throughout the baking cycle.
7. Use your kettlecaddy Lifter Spatula to manually rotate the Pizza Stone to ensure an even baking of your pizza.
8. Remove the kettle braai lid as needed while baking when your chamber needs a bit of air to get the flames going again. Normally it will take a few seconds and as soon as the flames fire up properly, close the lid and continue with your baking cycle.

9. If you follow the instructions carefully, the result will amaze you – every time!



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